The arrowstorm rebellion

Prisons are for Burning

Kill the Commander, Steal information, set the place on fire and get the fuck out.

As Declan is limping toward the door, he turns around and says: “How do ye think we should go about liberatin’ the place? We can’t jus’ leave all these folks behind.”

“Okay, I like it. Do ye think you can heal me leg up a bit? If I was a bit more mobile, I could get into their dragon powder storage and set the place to blow back to the nine hells from whence she came.” (DC 17 heal check or “cure” spell to heal Declan’s leg)

If Declan is healed: “Thanks for that. I’m going to enjoy this. We’ll put on quite a fireworks show for the folks back on shore”

If Declan is limping: "I understand, I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite us in the arse. Thanks for saving my hide. I’ll meet you at the gallows for the traditional “get the fuck out of here”."

The first floor of the barracks is brick walled and has a row of bunkbeds with a large number of sleeping guards. Two are practicing combat on dummies (



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