History of Cealtyn:

Cealtyn is a pair of large, twin islands. For centuries, the people of the land lived in peace with one another and their Neighbors to the south. Cealtyn had a proud warrior culture among each of its five races and often competed with each-other in sporting combat, though they knew nothing of Kings or Lords or Imperial ambitions. All of that changed one hundred years ago when the Kaptalis Empire invaded Cealtyn. The people of Cealtyn took up arms in defence of their homeland, but the Kaptalis armies were legion and relentless. Outnumbered and ill-supplied, the heroes of Cealtyn fled to the skies on the backs of their noble Arrowhawks and disappeared in a flash of white light, to return one day and smite the Kaptalis invaders. The Empire seized the Roads and towns of Breyyx, the ranches and factories of Irythan, the craft halls of Weslyth, mines of Clouchirq and the forges of Skyrloch

People of Cealtyn:

Wyrlan: The Wyrlan are a young race haling from Breyyx. They rarely live past 80 but they are very fast learners and are very ambitious. Their natural tendencies for curiosity and inginuity make them skilled couriers and explorers. Many Wyrlan once made a living transporting Iron from the Halfling mines in Clouchirq to the Dwarven forges in Skyrloch. After the Kaptalis empire took over, the carts once used to transport the Iron were seized and the Wyrlan were told they could only transport iron for the empire and for a fraction of the living standard they once enjoyed. The Wyrlan universally refused, many starved to death rather than sacrifice their dignity. Eventually, many gave in and began transporting iron for what little they needed to survive. They have been sneaking weak, poorly smelted iron for years. Now they wait for an opportunity to truly fight back.

Elves: The Elves of Weslyth are nimble, idealist and free-sprited. It was the Elves who were the last to surrender to the Kaptalis empire, preferring to die free than to live a subjugated life. For nearly a decade, the Elves carried out hit-and-run strikes on Kaptalis outposts and convoys. When the Empire began burning the forests to find them, the Elves were forced to surrender rather than see their homes destroyed. Elves are known to be skilled craftsmen and fletchers, although many elves choose the seafaring life, fishing, cargo-shipping and trading with nomadic Halfling fleets were the purview of many skilled elvish sailors. As warriors, the Elves of Weslyth are renowned for their skills at archery and swordplay. Elves make ideal scouts, rangers, druids and swashbucklers, but also perform well as rogues and sorcerers. Many elves of martial prowess took to piracy against the Kaptalis fleet. Most died on the gallows, but there are tales of legendary elven frigates that still terrorize the Kaptalis Navy. Elven fighters, monks and wizards are not unheard of, but the degree of discipline required for these endeavors is rare among elves.

Gnomes: The Gnomes of Irythan are stout, mischievous and witty. Standing about 4.5 to 5 feet tall and about as stocky as Wyrlan, gnomes commonly lived on collectively-run farms and ranches on rolling hills and light woodlands or in vast industrial cities. Gnomish horses are well known to be the strongest and fastest in the world. Gnomes who live in cities are excellent machinists. It was gnomes who invented the crossbow and later the flintlock gun. The Empire saw this potential and raided the factories and inventors guilds, stealing the plans for flintlock guns and the gunpowder recipe. Gnomes are very skilled at cavalry fighting and when terrain robs them of the option of horseback combat, they use their technology and wits as swift hit-and-run fighters. The Empire didn’t take their factories easily and since gnomes are known to be stubborn, they blew up one of their archives with imperials inside rather than allow them access to their plans.

Halflings: Though Halfling society originates in Clouchirq, it is not accurate to say that Halfllings are from there. Halfings are a largely nomadic society, travelling in cart caravans or sailing ships. Halflings use their small size to their advantage by mining in everyday life and working as spies or deep-infiltrators in wartime. Halflings never challenged the Kaptalis empire on the open field, instead performing guerrilla sabotage missions and gathering information. The rest of the resistance took up their model after open combat failed.

Dwarves: Dwarves live high in the mountains of Skyrloch. When the Kaptalis empire decided it was a good idea to attempt conquest of Skyloch, they were amused to see a mere 800 Dwarves standing in an open field against 2,000 Kaptalis fusiliers. The Dwarves slaughtered the entire Skyrloch invasion force in the only true victory the resistance claimed in the war of resistance, but the cost was too great to reapeat the same victory. Only 10 Dwarven knights remained at the end of the battle. When the Kaptalites returned and conquered, they hunted down and slaughtered the last 10 knights. Dwarves are highly skilled blacksmiths, renowned for their steelwork and holders of the secret of mithrilcraft. In battle, dwarves prefer to charge their foe head on in a great clash of steel and gritted teeth. When the kaptalites took their weapons, Dwarves took to rioting in the streets rather than surrender or hit and run. The riots continue sporadically to this day.


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